About Us

Handyman Repairs Ltd is a community based business, servicing Wellington City and surrounding suburbs.

They have over 25 years experience in the hardware and trade industry and are well equipped for problem solving.

The type of clientele that Handyman Repairs target are the small jobs that nobody is interested in...you know...the jobs that have been waiting around for the rainy day or your partner or friend to do when they are free.

We also specialise in small commercial repairs, the small jobs that builders don't like to do. If we can't do a job we cant provide someone who can, as we have a great database of republe and trusted contractors.

This company loves the small jobs, as they feel this is the sector of the market that has been long neglected.

Handyman Repairs is owner operated, which means you are dealing directly with the owner. This ensures they give you the care and attention you deserve, with no breakdowns in communication.

Customer Service skills can make or break a business, and Handyman Repairs recognize this. They are pleased to be in a position to offer one-to-one assistance.